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Finding Full Text: SPU and Beyond

Use this guide to find out how to get the full text of desired books and articles, beginning with the Overview.

Search for a Known Book

Search for the full text of a known book in the SPU Library's discovery system, set to Search Scope SPU + Summit:

SPU Library search box with "Search Library Resources" and "Search Scope: SPU Library + Summit" highlighted

The search Hutter "Dust bound for heaven" returns an SPU copy on paper at the Library of Congress Call Number B765.T54 H88 2012, and a second SPU copy Online:

search results with "Sign in", "Available at", and "online access' highlighted

To secure the former, go to that call number location in the Library and pull the book off the shelf.  To secure the latter, click on Online access and Sign in.  For more information on accessing and using eBooks, see E-books at the SPU Library.

If the SPU Library does not offer a copy of any kind (in which case you might see Check Holdings),

search results with "Check holdings" highlighted

or if the SPU copy is checked out, then Sign in to the Summit record, and Place Summit request.  The screen shots below illustrate the second scenario, though the procedure is fundamentally the same in both cases:


search results with "checked out from" highlighted

Only if Signed in will you see the option to Place Summit request:

search results with "Place summit request" highlighted

If the book you want is available via neither SPU nor Summit, then look it up in Libraries WorldWide (WorldCat), and Request via Interlibrary Loan:

SPU Library search box with "Libraries worldwide" highlighted

Search for a Known Journal

Search for the full text of a journal (for example the journal containing an article returned by a database) by accessing the Advanced Search area of the Library's discovery system.  Then

  • Place the title of the journal (not article; in this case "Theological studies") in the Title field;
  • Set Material Type to Journals; and
  • Limit the Search Scope: to SPU Library:

search scope: SPU Library, Title, and "Material Type: Journals" highlighted

  • The version on paper will be Shelved on the Lower Level of the Library alphabetically by title.
  • A scan of your article in the version on microfilm can be solicited via the Microfilm Reprint Request form.
  • The version online can be procured via the link to Online access, which will require that you Sign in.  For the subsequent steps in that process see under skip stright to the online version, below.

Search for a Known eJournal Specifically

If you would rather skip straight to the online version of the journal you are interested in, then place the title of your journal in the EJOURNAL SEARCH sector of the Advanced Search area of the Library's discovery system as follows.

SPU Library catalog search with "Ejounral search" and "Journal search" highlighted


  • click on Online access and the link to an online version, for example Sage Premier 2015 (Signing in in the process), and
  • browse your way to the volume/year and issue you need:

list of online access options

Search for a Known Article Directly

Search for a known article in the Library's discovery system directly by accessing the latter's Advanced Search area.  Then

  • Place the article (not the journal) title in the Title field,
  • Set Material Type to Articles, and
  • Select Search Scope:  Articles, Books, and More:

search results

Search for Known Open Access Materials

To uncover open access materials, set Search Scope: to Articles, Books, and More.  Here is a simple Author-Title "known item" search, though you can search this Scope by the Subject or the Any field as well:

Author/Title search

Note that if I had not reset the Search Scope:, I would have come up empty:

search results