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GRK 1102/6102 THEO 6102 Koine Greek II. History of Exegesis/Interpretation Assignment (Ewald)


This page remains even more than usually "in progress".  It will be filled out as time permits.

[Check the great (period) theological dictionaries sv Homilies, Sermons, etc. (all languages).  Check also the dictionaries of preaching and the sermon, all languages.]

All periods

Patristic period

[Mine the following:  EAC2, sv Homilies, Sermons, etc.; RAC; etc.]

Medieval period

[Mine the following, among others:  Medieval sermon studies newsletter (1977- ); DMA, sv "Preaching, Western"; LMA; etc.]

  • Repertorium of Middle Dutch sermons preserved in manuscripts from before 1550. Ed. Sherwood-Smith & Stopp; Ermens & van Dijk. 7 vols. Peeters, 2008.
  • Repertorium of Middle English prose sermons. Ed. O'Mara & Paul. 4 vols. Brepols, 2007.
  • The sermon. Ed. Kienzle. Typologie des sources du Moyen Âge Occidental 81-83. Brepols, 2000.
  • Sermones Compilati
  • Reformation and Early modernity

    19th-21st Centuries