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HIS 1734 War on Terror: History of Our Lives

Official Subject Headings & Unofficial Keywords

Consider this a start towards a list of official Library of Congress Subject Headings (and unofficial Keywords) constructed by you and related to your own topic specifically.

Library of Congress Subject Headings tend to govern the Subject fields in academic book catalogs and some article databases.  But most of the article databases will have, instead of Library of Congress Subject Headings, their own (and in that sense idiosyncratic) approaches to the terms and phrases that will work in their Subject (or Descriptor) fields.

Thus, you will need to supplement this starter-list with not only 1) more in the way of the sorts of Subject headings that will work in the Subject fields of the SPU + Summit "book" catalog (and others), but also 2) your notes on the terms that work in the Subject (or Descriptor) fields of the various article databases you're searching.  (Those that don't you should use as unofficial Keywords or Keyphrases in their Keyword or Title fields instead.)