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HIS 1734 War on Terror: History of Our Lives


The Subject fields of the book catalogs of academic libraries (not to mention the Subject fields of only a few of the SPU databases) tend to be governed by Library of Congress Subject Headings, which you should learn to use (along with Keywords in, for example, Any/Keyword and Title fields) to your advantage.  For a preliminary list of some of the relevant Library of Congress Subject Headings (a list that you will want to expand upon as you research your topic), see Subject Headings & Keywords.

Book Catalogs

For books on a given topic search the following, all but the Harvard catalog accessible from the Library's home page:

And, should you need to see what might be available via InterLibrary Loan (as distinguished from SPU or Summit borrowing),

Increasingly "book" catalogs return essays and chapters in books as well as articles in journals, too.  For more specifics on this, see me.