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BIO 3351 Microbiology


A reference book is generally one that is meant to be consulted for information on a specific topic, but not read from beginning to end.  We have print and online books, but due to the pandemic, all links below are to online reference books.

For your project, Reference books are an excellent resource for selecting potential topics of interest.  When selecting possible topics, consider skimming these books based on your interests. For example, if you are interested in Pediatrics, you may want to start with the Red Book.  Interested in fungal infections?  Try Fundamental Medical Mycology.

Once you have signed up and had your your project topic approved, you will want to return to these reference books and use them to get an overview of your topic.

Online Reference Books

Excellent Starting Points:

Hunter’s Tropical Medicine and Emerging Infectious Diseases (2020 online title)

Infectious Diseases - Cohen, Powderly, Opal (2017 online title)

Infectious Diseases - Gorbach, Bartlett, Bloacklow (2004 online title)

Encyclopedia of Virology (2008 online title)

StatPearls (updated regularly, online title)

Geographically Organized Reference Books:

Atlas of Human Infectious Diseases (2012 online title)

CDC Health Information for International Travel - Yellow Book (annually updated; online title)

Infectious Diseases: a Geographic Guide (2017 online title)

Pediatric Reference Books:

Red Book: Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases - American Academy of Pediatrics (2021 online title)

Skin Disease Reference Books:

Infectious Diseases of the Skin (2009 online title)

Atlas of Essential Dermatopathology (2013 online title)

Fungal Disease Reference Books:

Fungal Infection Diagnosis and Management (2012 online title)

Identification of Pathogenic Fungi (2013 online title)

Fundamental Medical Mycology (2012 online title)

Parasitic Disease Reference Books:

Parasitic Diseases (2017 online title)

Veterinary Disease Reference Books:

Veterinary Microbiology and Microbial Disease (2011 online title)

Veterinary Parasitology (2021 online title)

Additionally, you may use any health care related materials that are part of the Print Reference Collection (on the library main level) to meet the requirement of citing a reference book on your poster.