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BIO 3351 Microbiology

Web Sources for Text of your Project

Information from websites is not required for this project, but if you do choose to use information from the Internet for the body (anything but the images) of your project, it may only be from the following websites:

  • Centers for Disease Control & Prevention ( includes MMWR: Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report,  Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal
  • National Institutes of Health (
  • National Science Foundation (
  • World Health Organization (
  • Food and Drug Administration (
  • Emedicine/Medscape from WebMD(


  1. Your references must be from these agencies - some pages from these sites will link you to other resources, those other websites cannot be used for this project.
  2. This restriction does not apply to books, journal or newspaper articles posted online--it is just for 'web native' content like blog posts or other information written specifically as web content.

Web Sources for Images on your Project

You are not restricted to any specific websites for images for your project.  I recommend a simple Google Images search to get started.  You may also take images from books or journal articles to use in your project.)

If you find an image on Google, be sure to click on "visit page" and see how the image is being using on the original page, and reference the visited page and not Google Images.

Screen capture of a Google Images search for E. coli with a green arrow pointing to the visit page link:

google image search results with "visit page" highlighted