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FCS 4367: Experimental Foods

Finding Articles in the Databases

You will search in the libraries databases and through Google to find articles for your literature review.

To find articles in journals, magazines and newspapers, search in the  Library Databases which are huge collections of articles most of which are not available for free on the internet.


Which database should I use?

  • Open up Academic Search Complete
  • Depending on your topic, you might want to add another database to your search.
    • Click on "Choose Databases" above the search boxes.
    • Check the box for the databases you want to add. Appropriate ones for this project are:CINAHL Complete, Health Source, and MEDLINE.
       You may also consider APA PsycINFO and Education Full Text depending on your topic.
    • Hit "okay" and go back to your search screen
    • Contact me for help with choosing the right databases if necessary

Academic Search Complete search with "Choose Databases" highlighted

How do I search?

Search for articles using various keywords in separate search boxes. For example a search using the two search terms "Fat substitutes" and "muffins" will bring back certain relevant results.

Doing an additional search using the terms "Fat replacer" and "baked goods" will bring back a different set of relevant results.

Be flexible with your keywords!


Once you find articles that you like, look for the Subject Headings or Descriptors

For example, you can use "baked goods" as a keyword phrase, but the subject term used is "baked products." You could then refine your search using the subject term.


Where is the actual article?

  • Full-text HTML or PDF in the database
  • Click on “Check for full-text”
  • Inter Library Loan

Please contact me or another librarian if you are having difficulty obtaining the full text of an article.

Finding Articles in Specific Journals

Sometimes a professor suggests that you look for articles in a specific journal.Sometimes you find that a specific journal has many of the types of articles that you need. If you know the title of the journal that you want to search in, look it up in the SPU Library Catalog to find out what our full text access is. Please ask me or another librarian if you need help accessing a specific journal.

For this paper, the journal "Food Technology" is suggested. This is a journal that we have a paper subscription to, but you can identify relevant articles using Academic Search Complete.*

Follow these steps:


  • In the first box, type "Food Technology" and change the drop down menu next to the search box to "SO Journal Name"


  • In the second and third boxes, you can put in your keyword search terms.


  • You will be searching for articles on your topic only in the journal "Food Technology"


  • Once you find relevant articles, make note of the year and issue that you need from the Lower Level of the SPU Library.


This image shows a screen shot of Academic Search Premier demonstrating the steps previously described using milk substitutes as a keyword search term and a  resulting article  




*We also have some online full text access to "Food Technology." If you need a log in to access content from this journal, please contact me.

Here are some other relevant journals you can search individually. The full text is available online for free or through the SPU Library.

International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science

Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety

Food Science & Nutrition

Journal of Food Science (click on "Online Access." Log in required from off campus)


Google Scholar

Another option for searching for articles is Google Scholar. Connect to Google Scholar using the link on the SPU Library's Databases page to get links for full text when the full text is in SPU's system.

This image shows a search result using Google Scholar where the full text is available from the SPU Library

Peer Review

Articles submitted for peer review go through a vigorous process of inspection and consideration.

Watch the video, "Peer Review in 5 Minutes" for all the basics on peer reviewed journal articles.



When searching in the SPU Library Article Databases, look for the peer reviewed or scholarly check box when you begin your search:


Limit your results


or after your search you can pull out the peer reviewed/scholarly articles from your results:


Refine your results




When you find an article on the Internet, it may not be clear whether it is from a peer reviewed journal.


To determine whether a journal is peer reviewed,


  • Check the website for the journal.
    • It may say on the main page that the journal is peer reviewed.
    • If not, check the "About" or "Mission" section of the journal's website
    • If not, check the "Guidelines for Authors" or "Submission Guidelines" section of the journal's website