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Online Teaching and Copyright

What do I do if none of the above apply?

The SPU Bookstore partners with XanEdu to create digital coursepacks for materials that would not qualify under fair use and for which the SPU library does not provide licensed access. This ensures that permission has been granted by the copyright holder.

Email the store manager to inquire and to fill out an order form. 

  • Turnaround time is about 2-3 weeks
  • Students pay for the coursepack through the SPU bookstore. The fee covers the copyright clearance for the materials included 
  • Students access the coursepack through XanEdu

You might want to reconsider a fair use analysis, especially if there is a way to tip the balance more in favor of fair use. 

 A last option may be to reach out directly to the author to request permission for your use, or see if the author has shared their work on their personal website.

Or has the author published something similar in another format? Perhaps a book chapter you want your students to read was revised and published elsewhere as an article by the same author.

If not, and if the library does not provide access, the TEACH Act and Fair Use do not apply, and the bookstore cannot provide the materials, then you may want to consider using other materials.