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WRI 1100: Keuss, Diana

Material Available via SPU Scanning

You may request that

  • a few pages of a book (the equivalent of a single chapter, or no more than 10%) or
  • an article in a journal present in the Library on paper

be scanned.  Any section of a book owned by SPU, or any journal article inaccessible to you online but present in the Library, may thus be scanned and delivered, including, presumably, an entry or two (depending on length) from each of the paper-based SPU encyclopedias below, or an essay from each of the companions/handbooks.

To place such a request, use the Library's Search Request Form, and select either Article or Book Chapter.  (Articles and Book chapters indexed in the databases can be requested from within the database via the Interlibrary Loan option.)

Scans are being made no more than twice a week at present, so you must plan ahead!