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PSY 4102 Adv. Research Methods: Cognitive Psychology

PSY 4102 Assignments

For this course, you'll be completing a few assignments*, including:

  • Ethics in Research Paper

  • Research Project

*Check your syllabus for more details about your assignments.

Core Article Databases

Subject Guide Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will be successful if they:

  • formulate a topic relating to ethics in research and questions for a research proposal
  • identify keywords/subjects that describe the topic/questions mentioned above
  • create a preliminary search strategy
  • revise search strategy as needed
  • evaluate and select appropriate scholarly sources:
    • at least 5 sources on ethics in research 
    • at least 10 sources on research questions
  • identify a test/measure for use in methodology of research project
  • create a properly formatted APA paper