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ORG 6100/7100 Organizational Behavior


Test our ezproxy bookmarklet. Just click and drag the link up to your favorites bar. Clicking on the bookmarklet from the favorites bar will append our remote access proxy to the front of you current search page. You will then be prompted to log into the SPU system. If we subscribe to the full text you should be able to access it. If it returns a message saying that a host must be added to the config.txt message, double check the title in our discovery system to be sure we subscribe to it.


book spines For this class, you will complete weekly outlines or three page thesis papers on class readings*.  

For these papers, you will need to locate and use:

  • Handbook of Psychology: Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Vol. 12)
  • Articles within library databases

Learn how to locate these resources in the library or the library's web site by using this guide. 

*Please review the assignment specifications on your course syllabus.

Your Course Text

Locate Database Articles

Many class readings will be available through the databases listed below.  

TIP: There are two main ways to search for access to a specific article (other than using the "check for full text" link within a database) - searching SPU Primo by journal title or Google Scholar by article title.  For other options to access the full-text, see Finding Full Text.

Search library resources by journal title:

1.  Search for the journal title (e.g. Journal of Applied Psychology) in from the library's home page.

SPU catalog search for Journal of Applied Psychology

2.  Locate the correct journal title from the search results and click Online Access. Verify the years available against the article's date of publication, and choose the database that encompasses that year.

View It section of journal record showing access through either Business Source Complete or PsycARTICLES

3.   "Search within this publication" by title or author.

journal record in database with option of "search within this publication" circled

Search Google Scholar by article title:

This option can be faster, as long as all the links work correctly.  Make sure you are either searching from on-campus or using the link above so that it links to SPU databases.

1. Copy and paste the article title into the Google Scholar search box and click search.

Google Scholar home page with sample article title entered

2. If SPU has access, there will be a link on the right side.  There may be access to the article in other ways as well.

sample article result in Google Scholar, showing Full-Text at SPU Library link on right side of results

3. After clicking on Full-Text@SPU Library, select any one of the databases listed to access the full article.

Subject Guide Learning Outcomes

By the end of using this subject guide, students should be able to:

  • locate all class readings
  • identify an additional peer-reviewed article on a class topic
  • use the catalog to identify an additional book on a class topic
  • create a properly formatted APA paper including cover page, abstract, in-text citations, and references