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Open Educational Resources

Guide for SPU faculty to use in considering, adopting, revising, evaluating, and creating OER for their courses.

What Are Open Textbooks?

Open textbooks are materials that are freely available, usually through a Creative Commons license, to download, modify, and print in various formats.

Why should faculty adopt an open textbook?

  • more affordable than commercially available textbooks
  • enable student education budgets to stretch further
  • faculty can readily customize open textbooks to better meet their local teaching and learning needs
  • provide pricing, flexibility and customization advantages that commercially available textbooks currently do not provide

Where Can I Find Open Textbooks?

*If you are unable to locate an open textbook for your course, try a general web search for "open textbook" and your topic, and contact your SPU librarian for additional assistance.

The SPU Library has print copies of a few open textbooks for your review, including: