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Open Educational Resources

Guide for SPU faculty to use in considering, adopting, revising, evaluating, and creating OER for their courses.

Adapting OER to Your Needs

One of the benefits of OER is that because of their open license, they can be customized to meet your course needs. 

What might this look like for you? 

  • Reorganize chapters in one open text to align with your content plan
  • Pull together chapters from several open texts to meet your course objectives
  • Add photos or examples to reflect local context and/or cultural heritage
  • Add your own content to a chapter, perhaps integrating the content with Christian faith in some way
  • Invite students to write examples/scenarios for an open text that reflect their local environment and/or heritage

Creating/Adapting Open Educational Resources

Interested in creating your own open textbook or other open educational resources?

Connect with John Robertson in Educational Technology and Media.