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Undergraduate Nursing Resources

Evidence Based Practice Pyramid

PICO worksheet

1. Search Cochrane Database for a Systematic Review

Note: Don't be surprised if there is not a Cochrane Report for your topic.  This database is at the top of the evidence based pyramid and not every topic has been covered in this way.

2. Guidelines

Search to see if any guidelines exist for your topic, here are just a few starting places for guidelines.

3. Search for Nursing Research Articles

Journal articles form the core of nursing literature.  Each of these databases focus on a different aspect of Health Care and Nursing Research.  Selecting the correct database, or trying several of them, when starting your research can make a difference in finding the most rigorous, current, and reliable information.

Searching tips for finding high quality articles

1. check for subject headings for your topic.  In CINAHL and MEDLINE through EBSCOhost - you can select subject headings from the top blue bar (called MeSH in MEDLINE)

2. Use the advanced search options (by clicking on Advanced Search or 'show more' on the left of the screen under the date slider. For the limiter boxes you can use the CRTL button to select multiple options from the lsit

Helpful limiters In CINAHL - look for check boxes like Any Author is a Nurse, English, Research Article, Randomized Controlled Trial - and limiter boxes:

  • Age Groups
  • Publication Type - e.g. Randomized Controlled Trial or Systematic Review

Helpful limiters in MEDLINE - look for check boxes like Human, English Language, EBM Reviews - and limiter boxes:

  • Age Related
  • Publication Type - e.g.Randomized Controlled Trial or Systematic Review