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The above is only a select list of SPU databases most frequently used when reviewing the nursing literature.  There could be times when other databases would be helpful - for example if you were looking for information about nursing malpractice, you might want to search the database 'Legal Collection.'

Not sure which database is best for your topic?  Ask a Librarian!

A-Z List of SPU Databases



The SPU library no longer has an institutional subscription to UpToDate. 

  • As a student, if you would like a deeply discounted individual student account you may subscribe from the UpToDate store
  • As a health care practitioner with a Washington State license, you can access a similar clinical practice resource - DynaMedEx - just go to HEALWA  to create an account.  

A note about UpToDate and DynaMedEx: These are excellent clinical resources, and they use a high level of evidence to support clinical decision making.  This resource can give an excellent overview of the best practices in care and while it will refer to primary resources in the article reference lists, no articles in the database are original research.  So if you professor has indicated that you need a nursing research article (or primary literature) the articles found here will not be that source (although you could still use this information in other sections of your paper.)

Citing UpToDate, APA 7th edition reference: 
(although not required for most APA references, UpToDate references must provide a retrieval date because the content changes over time)

Article Authors. (date). Article title. In. Editor (Ed.), UpToDate. Retrieved [date you accessed], from URL

Williams, J., & Nieuwsma, J. (2016). Screening for depression in adults. In J. A. Melin (Ed.), UpToDate. Retrieved February 1, 2017, from

  • In text: (Williams & Nieuwsma, 2016).