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UFDN 1000 The Christian Faith (Sigler)

Searching the Library Catalog

To identify relevant books on your Christian tradition or denomination, add one or more Keywords Likely to Elicit Introductory Material to your search of the Library's discovery system, being sure to try different terms, fields, and so forth, as demonstrated in class.

What I don't show here would be a search for the very Presbyterian or Reformed denomination specified by Dr. Sigler.  Thus, Subject contains "Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)".  Another example of that for what Dr. Sigler calls the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church would be Subject contains "YaʼItyop̣yā ʼortodoks tawāḥedo béta kerestiyān", again, as demonstrated in class.

The search below, by contrast, is designed to return material on the Presbyterian or Reformed tradition in general, not a specific Presbyterian or Reformed denomination:

That one search returns titles like the following:

To search beyond SPU, select Search Scope: SPU Library + Summit.