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UFDN 1000 The Christian Faith (Sigler)

From Canvas

Presentation Guidelines: Your primary goal is to understand and present clearly to your peers the basic information for your denomination. The presentation should be approximately 15-18 minute with additional time allotted for questions.
a. Include an overview of the denomination’s history and its contribution to Christianity
b. A summary of the denomination/church tradition (e.g., origin, distinct beliefs, practices, greatest legacy, current issues, size, and geographical spread of the denomination?)
c. Included a bibliography based on the Chicago format.
d. You are to provide a one page handout for your peers which include the key information from your presentation. Include the names of your group. This is important since there will be questions on the final exam about these traditions and this will be a helpful tool for assisting the class to know the basic information on each tradition. You may email it to Dr. Sigler by the day of the presentations and he will upload the file to canvas.

Denominations Selected for Research

For the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, and the Roman Catholic Church, I give, in square brackets ( [ ] ) and bold red, the official Library of Congress Subject Heading (virtually identical with the name supplied by Dr. Sigler in all other cases).  Eventually I hope to add a file suggesting search terms under each heading, as under the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church at present.

Association of Vineyard Churches

Church of God in Christ

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church [YaʼItyop̣yā ʼortodoks tawāḥedo béta kerestiyān]

Evangelical Covenant Church (of America)

Free Methodist Church of North America

Melkite Greek Catholic Church [Catholic Church . . . Melchite]

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Roman Catholic Church [Catholic Church]