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E-books at the SPU Library: Taylor & Francis E-books

Guide to accessing and using e-books owned by the SPU Library

E-book Topics

Taylor & Francis E-books

Taylor & Francis is one of several e-book publishers from which SPU gets e-books. Routledge and CRC Press are two of its main imprints.

Taylor & Francis allows you unlimited printing and downloading. However, it does not permit notes or highlighting.

Learn about additional Taylor & Francis E-books features and FAQ through this guide.

With Taylor & Francis e-books, you may choose to do any of the following:

  1. Read online
    • May not be available for all e-books
    • All features may not be available on all devices
  2. Download/print the full book
  3. Download/print PDFs of chapters
    • May not be available for all e-books
    • Chapter PDFs do not expire and there is no limit to how many you can download at one time.
  4. Cite the book
    • Use "Get Citation" to look up the citation in APA style.

Taylor and Francis ebook main page

*screenshot of main page from Taylor & Francis e-book entitled Sex, God, and the Conservative Church with options labeled with numbers to correspond to the options listed above.