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E-books at the SPU Library

Guide to accessing and using e-books through the SPU Library

Reading and Downloading ProQuest E-books

screen for ProQuest ebook

ProQuest is one of several e-book publishers from which SPU gets e-books. You will typically need to select SPU as your institution and sign into your SPU account to access these books.

*screenshot showing sign-in screen to access ProQuest e-Books

ProQuest EBook Central includes e-books listed as "Ebook Library" and "Ebook Central Academic Complete" in the SPU Primo.

SPU eBook titled Understanding Color, available through Ebook Library

eBook available through Ebook Central Academic Complete

*screenshots of e-books entitled Understanding Color and Mountain Geography from Ebook Library and Ebook Central Academic Complete, respectively

With ProQuest e-books, you may choose to do any of the following:

  1. Read online and save annotations online
  2. Download the full book
    • refer to "Download to Your Device" instructions for further information
  3. Download PDFs of chapters or page ranges
    • PDFs are searchable, printable, and do not expire
    • The typical limit to save or download is 40% of the book; refer to the "Availability" of each book for details. Chapter download limits reset each day.
  4. Add to bookshelf
  5. Share link to book
    • To link to a specific chapter or page, navigate to that page of the book and use the "Share Link" icon at the top of the page.
  6. Cite the book
    • Choose from APA, Chicago, MLA and more or export into RefWorks or EndNote
ProQuest Ebook Central main book page

*main page from ProQuest e-book entitled Understanding Color with options labeled with numbers to correspond to the options listed above. See the ProQuest Ebook Central Accessibility Statement for accessibility information.