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E-books at the SPU Library

Guide to accessing and using e-books through the SPU Library

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More help for ProQuest e-books is a click away.

Select the “?” icon which is located at the top of ProQuest e-books or visit ProQuest Ebook Central's FAQ or LibGuide.

Download to Your Device

Different devices require different programs to read ProQuest e-books.

For computers or laptops, download Adobe Digital Editions

For phones or tablets (iOS or Android), download Bluefire Reader

For Amazon Kindle Fires, download Bluefire Reader

For other compatible devices, download Adobe Digital Editions Apps

For Adobe Digital Editions you will need an Adobe ID. You can also visit this to reset your password.

Reading and Downloading ProQuest E-books

screen for ProQuest ebook

ProQuest is one of several e-book publishers from which SPU gets e-books. You will typically need to select SPU as your institution and sign into your SPU account to access these books.

*screenshot showing sign-in screen to access ProQuest e-Books

ProQuest EBook Central includes e-books listed as "Ebook Library" and "Ebook Central Academic Complete" in the SPU Primo.

SPU eBook titled Understanding Color, available through Ebook Library

eBook available through Ebook Central Academic Complete

*screenshots of e-books entitled Understanding Color and Mountain Geography from Ebook Library and Ebook Central Academic Complete, respectively

With ProQuest e-books, you may choose to do any of the following:

  1. Read online and save annotations online
  2. Download the full book
    • refer to "Download to Your Device" instructions for further information
  3. Download PDFs of chapters or page ranges
    • PDFs are searchable, printable, and do not expire
    • The typical limit to save or download is 40% of the book; refer to the "Availability" of each book for details. Chapter download limits reset each day.
  4. Add to bookshelf
  5. Share link to book
    • To link to a specific chapter or page, navigate to that page of the book and use the "Share Link" icon at the top of the page.
  6. Cite the book
    • Choose from APA, Chicago, MLA and more or export into RefWorks or EndNote
ProQuest Ebook Central main book page

*main page from ProQuest e-book entitled Understanding Color with options labeled with numbers to correspond to the options listed above. See the ProQuest Ebook Central Accessibility Statement for accessibility information.