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Biblical "Commentary" Available Online

Articles Available Online via the Atla Religion Database

To search the Atla Religion Database by passage/pericope (there are at least three other ways to search, above), use PRIMARILY the Bible Citation index under Indexes, under More; and only SECONDARILY the Scriptures button.  This because the former will limit your search to the very verses you select, and in the process exclude any of the larger ranges in which your passage happens to be included.  Enter the first verse you're interested in (for example Ephesians 4:17), Browse this index, select all of the chapter-and-verse ranges you deem relevant, Add them to your search, and Search:


Then use the Refine Results options in the left-hand margin (or the Advanced Search area) to select Full Text and Open Access, as well as (if you wish) Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals (or Academic Journals) and Language.  Choosing Essays will target the essays in books (rather than, or in addition to, journals) that could, if owned by SPU, be scanned, as stated under Bible "Commentary" Available via SPU Scanning and General Comments, above. 


There are at least three other ways to search in addition to By passage.  For more on this, see under General Comments (with links), above.