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Biblical "Commentary" Available Online

General Comments

For a more extensive list of potential databases, as well as further instructions, go either here or here.

All of those directions apply, just for example the suggestion that

  • you limit your searches to scholarly (or peer-reviewed) articles (unless interested in essays in books as well, below), and that
  • you search in all four ways (by passage/pericope, by Hebrew or Greek term, by official Subject heading, and by Keyword, as described here and here), and not just the first.

I will illustrate in what follows here, however, only the first (by passage/pericope).

Depending upon whether you're willing to go to the trouble to request (and await) a scan (Bible "Commentary" Available via SPU Scanning), you might also want to limit your searches to journal articles only (as distinguished from essays in books).  That said, some of the books containing essays indexed in these databases will be available to you immediately online.  (And to look for the book containing an essay, you will need to search the SPU Library's discovery system or catalog.)