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BIO 3615 Issues and Values in Biology


Writing a Case Study Analysis

Similar to an argumentative essay, in a case study analysis you research and investigate an issue, examine the possible solutions, and propose the most effective solution using evidence to support your position. In addition to Dr. Tenlen's assignment and rubric, this Case Study Analysis information from UNB Writing Centre might give some strategies for approaching this assignment.

Choosing a topic  - getting a topic that is not too broad or too narrow, and allows you to take a position based on research

Resources that will help you select and refine your topic (and get a good foundation for your topic):

Ideas for broadening and narrowing research topics:

Biology Databases at SPU


Writing an Annotated Bibliography

Working on the annotated bibliography assignment will require you to read your sources carefully, summarize them, evaluate them, and explain how they will fit into your assignment.

"What's an annotated bibliograpy?" Video from Brock University Library (St. Catharine's, Ontario) 1:42

Evaluating a Source