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WRI 1100: Shim

Finding Articles

The above is only a select list of SPU databases I thought would be most helpful for this class.  There may be other databases that would be helpful for this assignment - for example if you were looking for information about the legal ramifications of your topic, you might want to search the database 'Legal Collection.'

Not sure which database is best for your topic?  Ask a Librarian!

A-Z List of SPU Databases

Evaluate Sources like a Fact Checker

Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers by Michael A. Caulfield

Refining your Topic

Choosing a topic:

1. Choose any topic in the universe  (or as assigned by your professor)

 e.g. Patient Safety

2. Be a little more specific about your topic

e.g. Medication errors

3. Be a lot more specific about your topic,

e.g.  Medication errors and nursing role in preveiontion

4. Repeat these steps a few more times to give yourself a few examples of topics to choose from.

Narrowing your topic:

1. Make one or two words more specific,

e.g. Medication errors  IV drugs dosage errors and bedside nurses role in prevention

2. Turn your topic into a complete sentence that actually makes a statement

e.g. Bedside nurses have a critical role in preventing intravenious drug dosage errors.

3. Make the sentence a precise and arguable as possible

e.g. By following existing care standards and practices in the preparation and diministration of IV medicines,  bedside nurses have a critical role in improving patient safety and preventing medication errors in the pediatric hospital setting. (CINAHL Search)

Adapted from: Choosing and Narrowing a Topic to Write About (for Research Papers)

Some additional ways to broaden or narrow your topic (MIT Libraries: Selecting a Research Topic)