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WRI 1100: Coles: Find Dictionaries & Encyclopedias


What follows is a highly selective list of dictionaries and encyclopedias.  I have not conducted a search for the major dictionaries and encyclopedias on the Web. To find more in print, place dictionaries OR encyclopedias in [the] subject field of the Advanced area of the Library's discovery system, as follows:

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias of the Period Before the Rise of the Civil Rights Movement Proper (Slavery, the Civil War, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, etc.). For example,

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias of African American History & Culture. For example,

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias of American History. For example,

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias of Civil & Human Rights & Liberties

A couple of these may be even more scholarly than some of those listed under Dictionaries and Encyclopedias of Civil Rights and the Civil Rights Movement, above (though not as historical). For example,