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WRI 1100: Coles: Find Articles


To find the "journal articles" to which Prof. Coles refers, use one or more of the following databases.  The example here is taken from the SPU database America:  History and Life:

History Databases

The most important of these is America:  History and Life.  But there may be a few things in Historical Abstracts as well.

Law Databases

Depending on your topic, you may wish to try a law database, too, including the additional law databases at the University of Washington below.

Theology Databases

Unlike the ATLA Religion Database & ATLA Serials and the Religion and Philosophy Collection, Index Theologicus is not linked to SPU full text.

Multidisciplinary Databases

University of Washington Databases

University of Washington databases you must be on the University of Washington campus to use.  Use a public computer or ask a librarian at the Reference Desk how to procure a wireless account.  Consider the following above all: