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THEO 6240 Romans


What follows is an selective and incomplete list of pre-19th-century book-length "commentaries" on (roughly) the whole of Romans in English or English translation (in progress).  For help with the identification of commentary on a given pericope or verse (and pre-19th-century commentary more generally), see the course guide for GRK 1102/6102 THEO 6102 or Mr. Perisho.

"Commentary" anthologies on Romans

"Commentaries" on Romans

Incorporate also anything in English on the lists to be found in such tools as

  • Denifle, H. Die abendländ. Schriftausleger bis Luther über Iustitia Dei u. Iustificatio.  1905.
  • Affeldt, W. "Verzeichnis der R.kommentare der lat. Kirche bis zu Nikolaus v. Lyra,"  Traditio 13 (1957):  369-406.

(And many more, as yet unmined.)

"Commentaries" on the Epistles inclusive of Romans

"Commentaries" on the New Testament inclusive of Romans

"Commentaries" on the Bible inclusive of Romans