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THEO 2710 Foundations for Educational Ministry (J. Keuss)

Tip Sheet

Where to Search

To Find Books, you need search only the SPU Discovery System.  Searches of the SPU Discovery System can be limited to the SPU Library and to SPU Library + Summit (Summit borrowing).

Search SPU Library Catalog

SPU Library Advanced Search

They can also be unrestricted (WorldCat and InterLibrary Loan).

How to Search

Try the phraseology used by Dr. Drovdahl, placing it in the Title or the Any field.  You may (or may not) wish to use quotation marks (" ") to hold a phrase together as a phrase.  Don't enter a term in a Subject field until you know that it is indeed an official Library of Congress Subject Heading.  Then analyze your results.  Watch for (and, using the Worksheet, maintain a running list of) the relevant official Library of Congress Subject Headings that your Title or Any searches turn up.

Title Search

Though the official Library of Congress Subject Heading Narrative theology won't return every book on narrative theology ever written, starting with Dr. Drovdahl's phraseology turns out to be a helpful approach in this case.

Start with discipleship, by contrast,

Subject Term Search

or something like mak* disciple* (the asterisk (*) being the operator used for truncation),

Trucation Search

and you'll soon discover that to search the Subject field (as distinguished from the Title or Any fields) effectively, you're going to have to use Library of Congress Subject Headings like Christian life, Disciplining (Christian), and Spiritual formation.

For some of Dr. Drovdahl's suggested topics, then, you may have to run

  • both keywords (Title or Any) and Subject searches, or
  • a combination of the two types, with one cluster of synonyms in a Title or Any field, and another in a Subject field.