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THEO 2710 Foundations for Educational Ministry (Drovdahl)

Annotated Bibliography

"Ten substantial, research-based articles/books (not editorials, book reviews, or testimonials) from varied sources (publishers, type of sources, quality); thoughtful one to two-paragraph(s) annotations; organized, clear materials; and standard citation (MLA style). The first five are due May 1.  The entire assignment is due May 27."

Topic ideas:

Theological topics:

Holy Spirit


Canon and education

Jesus as teacher

Nature of persons


Narrative theology

Biblical perspectives on education (e.g. teaching in the Pauline letters)

Worship and education


Social Science topics

Faith development

Moral development

Learning theory


Small group dynamics


Study of a particular age group:  early childhood, elementary, JH, HS, adult


Cross-cultural education


Education topics

Teacher training

Cooperative learning

Learning styles

Philosophy of Christian education

Curriculum theory

Education of a particular age-group


Experiential education


Teaching religion

Historical Paper

A 4-5 page paper on an historical event, organization or person significant to the field of Christian education.

The paper should include historical influences on the person/event/organization as wells as the influence of the person/event/organization.