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Information Literacy at the Seattle Pacific University Library


The SPU IL Program is aligned with the University’s Undergraduate Degree Program Learning Outcomes, specifically:

 Apply knowledge, inquiry, and critical thinking skills in problem-solving.

Level 1 - Knowledge of information and inquiry skills. Self-aware of personal learning strategies and approaches to problem-solving and learning
Level 2 - Demonstrates information literacy by applying knowledge and inquiry skills in defining and analyzing problems and opportunities. Shows facility with quantitative analysis. Develops range of learning strategies
Level 3 - Applies knowledge, inquiry, and critical thinking skills in solving complex, ambiguous problems with sensitivity to interests of multiple stakeholders. Applies learning strategies to complex learning situations with increasing effectiveness and efficiency
Level 4 - Demonstrates competence, character, and wisdom in solving problems and enhancing
opportunities in disciplinary field and larger problems faced by humankind. Demonstrates effective and efficient habits as a life-long learner.

The SPU IL Program is informed by guidelines from the Association of College and Research Libraries, especially the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education:                       

Authority Is Constructed and Contextual

Information Creation as a Process

Information Has Value

Research as Inquiry

Scholarship as Conversation

Searching as Strategic Exploration