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Work and Faith Collection


The Seattle Pacific University Work and Faith Collection was started in 2008 when Pete Hammond donated his personal library, developed over many years, to SPU.  Others have also donated to the collection.  Through another generous donor, the collection has grown each year with the addition of new books and materials, becoming the largest of its kind in the world.  Pete Hammond, co-author of the Work and Faith Study Bible, was a strong advocate for seeing the Lordship of Christ over all of life.  During his many years at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, he was the early voice for developing an understanding of what it means to live the whole of life, and particularly work life, as unto the Lord.

The Work and Faith Collection includes books dating back to the mid-1800s up to the present time.  These books range from scholarly treatments of particular topics to biographies, case studies, Bible studies, and devotionals. There are also periodicals, videos, recordings, and private papers from early pioneers in this field.  Much of the content deals with business and faith, but there is a growing portion dealing with other areas of work including education, healthcare, law, government, science, and media and the arts.  The collection addresses all areas of work as well, from the leaders to the workers.  There is also extensive work in finding calling in daily work.

To help navigate through this large collection of material (over 2000 volumes) we have created categories where you can start.  We have just begun creating short reviews of each volume which, eventually, will assist in getting a bit more information on individual items.     

For questions about the Work and Faith Collection, please contact Janet Hauck, Business and Social Sciences Librarian, at (206)281-2788 or