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SPU Professional Development Series

Recommended readings for each of the SPU Professional Development Series workshops, curated by Paul Yost, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of I-O Psychology


Faith for the Future - Part 1 (October 2019)

The Next Generation of Students (July 2019)

Project Management: Bringing Out the Best in Other People (April 2019)

Storytelling: Telling Your Team's Story (March 2019)

Storytelling: Navigating Your Story (January 2019)

Workshop 18. SPU & Disney: Capturing the Catalyst Moments

Workshop 17. Composed: The Heart & Science of Leading Under Pressure

Workshops 14 & 15. Transforming the Workplace for Maximum Effectiveness – with President Dan Martin (parts 2 &3 )

Workshop 12. A Conversation with Dan Martin

Workshop 10. Connecting with God: Practices to Sustain Christians in the Workplace

Workshop 9. The Art of Possibility

Workshop 8. Your Calling & Career: Developing Yourself in World of Constant Change

Workshop 7. Conflict Management: The Power of Fierce Conversations

Workshop 6. Diversity: Better Together

Workshop 5. Getting Things Done When You’re Not in Charge

Workshop 4. Project Management: Scaffolding to Success

Workshop 3. Time Management: First Things First

Workshop 2. Teams that Work (and Those that Don’t)

Workshop 1. Bringing out the best in yourself and others