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PSY 3360 Psychological Disorders

PSY 3360 Assignment

For this course, you'll be completing a few assignments*, where you'll need to track down scholarly research on a specific psychological disorder.

This guide will provide a starting place for looking for reference sources (such as encyclopedias and handbooks), books, and peer-reviewed journal articles that will provide useful evidence for your paper/presentation.

Do some initial searching on your own, and then contact me with your questions. I'm happy to schedule a consultation with you to discuss your specific topic.

*Check your syllabus for more details about your assignments.


  • Start with the APA PsycInfo database, but consider other databases that might relate to your topic. 
  • Always keep in mind: What sources will provide the best evidence to support your argument (e.g. recent, peer-reviewed, literature reviews, empirical studies)? What background information will you need (e.g book chapters, reference books, literature reviews)?
  • Schedule an appointment with me early on, but after you’ve done some searching