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PSY 4107 Adv. Research Methods: Clinical Psychology

Library class agenda

Essential Question: 

  • What are efficient strategies to search for articles and books for both the ethics paper and research project?



  • Strategies for getting started with a topic - Reference books
  • Strategies for searching in PsycINFO and the catalog: Subject terms/keyword, Journals, Methodology
  • Searching Activity 
  • Strategies for Identifying and Evaluating Tests and Measures
  • Additional Searching

PSY 4107 Assignment

For this course, you'll be completing a few assignments*, including an Ethics in Research Project and Research Project:

A. Ethics in Research Project

2) Annotated Bibliography  - five sources...from at least two different categories of publication such as literature review, empirical study, book chapter, etc.

3) APA Style Ethics Paper

B. Research Project

3) Annotated Bibliography  - your group will identify eight sources...from at least two different categories of publication.

6) APA Style Research Paper -- You will write a 10-15 page APA style paper on your project.

*Check your syllabus for more details about your assignments.

Core Article Databases

Subject Guide Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session, students will be successful if they can:

  • identify keywords/subjects that describe the research paper topic
  • create a preliminary search strategy
  • revise search strategy as needed
  • evaluate and select appropriate scholarly sources:
    • identify at least 3 of the 8 sources needed on research topic
  • identify a test/measure for use in methodology of research project