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PSY 4105 Adv. Research Methods: Personality and Preferences

PSY 4105 Assignment

For this course, you'll be completing a few assignments*, including an Ethics Assignment and Research Project:

A. Ethics Assignment

2) Ethics Annotated Bibliography – you will work in groups to identify eight sources about an ethically sensitive issue in doing psychological research...Your sources must be from at least two different categories of publication such as literature review, empirical study, book chapters, etc.

3) APA Style Ethics Paper – this assignment will require you to work individually to write a 4-5 page thesis-driven paper describing the issue researched will evaluate the practice in terms of ethical standards in psychology.

C. Research Project

1) Project Annotated Bibliography – you will work in groups to identify eight sources relevant to your project.

2) Project Proposal – you will work with your group to outline a set of hypotheses and method around our class project...include all measures (attach full copies) that you will need to conduct the research.

6) APA Style Research Paper – you will write an approximately 10-15 page APA style paper on your project. This paper will be written individually.

D. Faith and Science Discussion

*Check your syllabus for more details about your assignments.

Core Article Databases

Subject Guide Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session, students will be successful if they can:

  • identify keywords/subjects that describe the research paper topic
  • create a preliminary search strategy
  • revise search strategy as needed
  • evaluate and select appropriate scholarly sources:
    • identify at least 3 of the 8 sources needed on research topic
  • identify a test/measure for use in methodology of research project