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CPY 7210: Developmental Psychology

Major Paper Assignment

  • 6-8 page APA-style research paper on developmental psychology or developmental psychopathology
  • review at least 6 recent research articles (2018-2023) from primary sources and peer-reviewed developmental journals such as:
    • Child Development
    • Development and Psychopathology
    • Developmental Psychology
    • Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology
    • Journal of Abnormal Psychology

Subject Guide Learning Outcomes

By the end of using this subject guide, students should be able to:

  • identify a peer-reviewed article on your paper topic
  • use SPU Primo to identify a book on your paper topic
  • create a properly formatted APA paper including cover page, abstract, in-text citations, and references

E-Books available for this class

Developmental Psychology Reference Sources

Search the SPU catalog for more sources on this topic.