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WRI 1100: Webb

Annotated Bibliographies

Getting started:

What do I include?

  • Summary
    • What is the research about?
    • What are the main points and arguments?
  • Analysis
    • What is the purpose of the research?
    • Is this useful and relevant to my research?
    • Is it biased or objective?
    • Would this be considered strong evidence?
  • Relevance
    • How would you use this source in your paper? (background info, making argument, clarifying additional research)
    • How does it relate to the various aspects of your topic?

Strategies for reading scholarly research articles


  • Read the abstract first -- is it relevant?
  • Skim first, then go slower
  • Sections of an empirical research article
    • Abstract (summary)
    • Introduction (background info; why were the researchers conducting the study?)
    • Method (how did they gather data?)
    • Results (what did they find?)
    • Discussion (what do the researchers think the results mean?)

Example: Two side of the same coin