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Pre-Professional Health Sciences Program

Medical Information Resources

Academic Journals

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)

JAMA is a peer-reviewed general medicine journal. It is published by the American Medical Association.

Journal of Biomedical Science

This is a peer-reviewed journal all about fundamental parts of biomedical science, placing most of its emphasis on molecular biology in the research that it presents.

The Lancet

The Lancet is a peer-reviewed general medicine journal. It is published by Elsevier.

The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) 

NEJM is a peer-reviewed general medicine journal. It is published by the Massachusetts Medical Society


Harvard Medicine Magazine

The Harvard Medicine Magazine is a publication that highlights the medical research of the school and its alumni.

The New Physician

The New Physician is a magazine that focusses on the political, social, and ethical issues that come with health care and and medical education. 

The Scientist

Magazine for life science professionals - covers a wide range of topics including cell and molecular biology, genetics, and other fields. Articles, written by scientists and professional journalists, are concise, accurate, and accessible.

New Scientist

New Scientist is an magazine about science and technology news. 

The New York Times: Health

This section of The New York Times is about general news in healthcare. The audience is general, but useful for staying caught up on the news.


Academic Life in Emergency Medicine (ALiEM)

ALiEM is a blog that has the goal of teaching readers about medical career advancement, how to develop one's career, and collaboration between healthcare workers from all over. This is a general medicine blog, but it also has entry-level advice for how to enter the medical work force at all.


KevinMD started in 2004 by Dr. Kevin Pho, but now has around 1,000 additional medical professions that contribute towards this blog. The blog covers general medicine covered by many experts in the field.

The Medical Futurist

This blog has a focus on cutting-edge medical technology and what it could mean for the medical field overall.

Penn Medicine Blogs

This link will send you to the University of Pennsylvania Health System's various medical blogs! There are 13 of them in all. The target audience is more patient-centered, but gives a nice amount of beginner-friendly knowledge on a variety of wellness topics.

Shots: Health News from NPR

NPR's Shots is a blog that highlights healthcare news. It is aimed at patients and how certain developments impact them, but is still useful for keeping up with current events.

Dental Information Resources

Academic Journals

The Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA)

JADA is a peer-reviewed journal about dental medicine and science. It is published by the American Dental Association and Elsevier.

Archives of Oral Biology

This is a monthly peer-reviewed journal about oral and craniofacial research in all vertebrates. It has a lot of focus on comparative anatomy and paleontology and how that information can inform us about the mouth in modern life.

Journal of Endodontics (JOE)

This is a monthly peer-reviewed journal about endodontic treatments. This includes pure research, case studies, and treatment methods.

Journal of Orthodontics (JOO)

This journal is a monthly British journal that publishes primarily orthodontic research that is relevant to modern treatment.

Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology

This journal is peer-reviewed and focused the most on public health and dental epidemiology


Dental Economics

This magazine provides dental news (new techniques, new technologies, and their potential applications to the field) and other advice. It is aimed at those who are already professionals, but still relevant to people who are at least curious.

Dentistry & You

A dental magazine aimed at patients, this one is full of information applicable to one’s oral health coming from real professionals!


DrBicuspid is a magazine that focuses on new oral health research and synthesizing the information for more bite-sized briefings on the cutting edge.

Orthodontic Practice US

This magazine covers current research articles but also hosts some discussions surrounding more controversial orthodontic topics.


The Dental Geek

A more specialized blog aimed at actual dentists and people interested in dentistry in general. They cover all sorts of topics related to oral health, including ongoing discussions and modern technique.

Dental Managers Blog

This blog covers the topic of dental management, including aspects of marketing and managerial details.  

Oral Health Foundation

A blog aimed at patients, it covers general information on all aspects of oral health.

Wisdom Tooth Project

A blog about dentistry, orthodontics, and all things oral health with a focus on the elderly. 

Gynecological Information Resources

Academic Journals

International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics

This peer-reviewed journal publishes articles about general and clinical gynecology in general.

Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology

This is a peer-reviewed gynecological journal with an emphasis on its intersection of pediatric and adolescent medicine.


This peer-reviewed journal covers placental mammals as a whole. There is a focus on fetal development and placental mammal developmental science. This is a good journal to investigate for basic information on how these organs tend to work and for comparative anatomy.

Reproductive Sciences

Reproductive Sciences is a peer-reviewed journal that covers basic reproductive biology and medicine. Common topics include maternal-fetal medicine, reproductive endocrinology, urogynecology, infertility, and many more.


Contemporary OB/GYN

This monthly magazine synthesize the most relevant information available into something non-professionals can read.

Duke OB/GYN Magazine

Published by Duke University, this magazine works to deliver important OB/GYN information to people and their families. Education is a primary value for the magazine.

MDedge | OB/GYN

MDedge at large is a company focused on the delivery of topical medical news and research. This is a link to their OB/GYN magazine.


Dr. Mache Blog

Dr. Mache Seibel is a gynecologcal doctor who specializes in menopause and fertility. His blog is meant to give trustworthy advice to non-professionals about menopause and how to navigate it.


A blog catered towards patients, this blog covers topics like STD sequelae, how gynecological anatomy changes with age, and technological information. 

SGO Blog 

“SGO” stands for “Society of Gynecologic Oncology”. This is a blog that has an emphasis on gynecological cancers and associated research, technology, and advice for patients.

Women's Health Blog

Brought to you by the University of Colorado, this blog is run by doctors and nurses directly involved in the profession. Advice and news, both relevant to professionals and patients alike, are covered.

Rehabilitation Therapy Information Resources

Academic Journals

The American Journal of Sports Medicine

The American Journal of Sports Medicine is a peer-reviewed orthopedics and sports sciences. It is published by SAGE Publications.

American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology (AJSLP)

AJSLP is a peer-reviewed speech-language pathology journal. It is published by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, which has an additional three journals that focus on related sciences.

American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation is a peer-reviewed journal about the schooling, research, and clinical application of rehabilitation physical therapy

Clinical Rehabilitation

This peer-reviewed journal is about research and discussion articles surrounding innovation in rehabilitation of patients in general. Physical therapy is a staple topic involved, but the other rehabilitation therapies also are mentioned as needed.

Occupational Therapy In Health Care

Occupational Therapy in Health Care is a peer-reviewed journal covering modern occupational therapy and its application to the rehabilitation process of patients.


APTA Magazine

APTA means “American Physical Therapy Association”. This is a magazine covers a broad range of physical therapy topics, from the actual clinical practice, to cultural perception, and business. 

The Informed SLP

A magazine about speech-language pathology. This is published monthly by speech therapists that cover monthly syntheses of the latest research in the field.  

OT Practice

OT Practice is a magazine run by occupational therapy experts that emphasize the publications of insights of practicing professionals and what they have learned from actually doing their career.


The Manual Therapist

This is a physical therapy blog with a primary goal to educate patients. Run by professionals, advice is given, but new research is also synthesized into common language. 

My OT Spot 

My OT Spot is an occupational therapy blog that covers a wide range of topics, but with a focus on OT school and hands-on techniques once in the actual profession yourself.

The Student Physical Therapist

A physical therapy blog aimed at PT students and the PT-curious. This blog provides advice for actual PT schooling, studying tips, and fundamentals of the trade.

Speech Techie

Speech Techie is a speech therapy technology blog where they go over new techniques and machinery used in SLP patients.

Optometric Information Resources

Academic Journals

Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery (JCRS)

JCRS is a peer-reviewed journal about optometric surgery and clinical research.

Ophthalmic & Physiological Optics (OPO)

OPO is a peer-reviewed optometry and vision science journal. It is published by the Wiley Online Library (WOL).

Progress in Retinal and Eye Research

This journal is a peer-reviewed optometry journal that appeals more to narrow-focus readers. The individual parts of the eye are all covered in one way or another (etina and pigment pithelial layercorneatearslacrimal glands...) and discussions about diseases of the eye are discussed in terms of their internal mechanics.

Vision Research

Vision Research is a peer-reviewed vision research journal that covers research on human and other animals' vision. This includes both the vision of vertebrates and invertebrates.


Modern Optometry 

This magazine is about optometric technology and future implications for current innovation.

Optometric Management

This is a magazine that focuses on research and studies in patient treatments and outcomes in optometry.

Ophthalmology Times 

This is an electronic publication focused on ophthalmologic news.

Review of Optometry

Review of Optometry is a magazine about the latest in optometric news.



EyeGuru is aimed at ophthalmology residents, but can be read by those outside of that audience. This blog is centered around ophthalmologic education and is run by experts. 

Eye Spy Optometry

This blog is broadly about eye health explained in a way that those who are at least interested will understand the writing.

Optometry Times Blog

This optometry blog covers news from the field, but has patients as its audience. This provides advice on what patients should do about their eye health given current events. 

Vision Source 

This blog is not for professionals, but professionals here write about basic ocular health tips and introductory tips on anatomy and current technology.

Veterinary Information Resources

Academic Journals

Annual Review of Animal Biosciences

A peer-reviewed veterinary journal about veterinary biotechnology, genetics, genomics, breeding, and medicine.

Journal of Veterinary Science (JVS)

JVS is an international peer-reviewed journal covering many topics across all of general veterinary medicine.

Veterinary Pathology (VET)

VET is a peer-reviewed journal about basic and applied research in domestic, laboratory, and wildlife of all kinds of animals. This includes marine animals, terrestrial animals, and zoo animals in general. A primary goal of this journal is to apply brand new research to real-world scenarios.

Veterinary Parasitology

This is a veterinary journal concerned with parasitology in animals, including studies such as helminthology, protozoology and entomology and how they relate to animal health.


PetVet Magazine 

PetVet is a magazine about veterinary practices, but with a focus on the animals themselves. The April/May 2022 issue, for example, focuses on the emotional wellbeing of one’s animal patients.

Today's Veterinary Practice

This veterinary blog covers modern veterinary medicine and continuing education.

The Veterinary Magazine 

The Veterinarian is an Australian veterinary magazine published by experts in the field. There are commentaries on new articles as well as a whole section on personal opinions of these vets. This is a broad magazine that covers both the clinical and business side of the profession.

Vet Practice

Vet Practice covers advice for actual veterinary practitioners related to both the care of animals but also how to direct one’s business, and how to think about retirement.


Dr. Andy Roark Blog 

This blog is primarily run by Dr. Andy Roark, a veterinarian, but there are also entries made by other veterinarians. This blog has several tags to search by, going from “just for fun” all the way to “end of life care” of animals. 

I Love Veterinary 

This blog has two major categories; the half catered to those who are already professionals and the half dedicated to pet owners. Both sections have relevant information on animal care and health.

Merck Manual Vet Student Stories

This blog consists of stories told by veterinary students about their personal experiences with school, residency, and other unique parts of being in that liminal space between “freshman undergrad” and “part of the professional workforce”.

Pet Poison Helpline

This is a blog about veterinary toxicology and medication intolerances for pets.