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Pre-Professional Health Sciences Program

General Science and Medicine

Ethics Talk

A monthly podcast that has healthcare ethics experts as guests. Run by the AMA Journal of Ethics

The Premed Years

A podcast that prepares premed students in particular with techniques like study methods, MCAT prep, and application processes. Medical professionals are interviewed about their own premed years and advice that they would give undergrads. 

The Undifferentiated Medical Student

An interview podcast run by Ian Drummond that explores the wide world of healthcare specialties. This podcast is geared towards those who are undecided about exactly which career path they should go down. It intends to make the job easier by interviewing a broad range of medical professionals with each addition, from psychiatry, emergency medicine, hospice care, and many more.

Science Friday

Host Ira Flatow introduces the public to science researchers discussing science topics including healthcare.

This Podcast Will Kill You

This podcast duo selects a disease and looks at it historically and epidemiologically.

Harvard Chan: This Week in Health

Harvard's T. H. Chan School of Public Health podcast, discusses top health headlines.

Dentistry Podcasts

The PreDental Podcast

The PreDental Podcast is run by Clayton Sorrells (ICU nurse-turned-dental student) and Marco Gargano (Second Lieutenant-turned-dental student). These two men are both current dental students who have previous experiences in other career paths. Their target audience is PreDental students and undergrads who have yet to figure out what they want from a medical career. In this podcast, they talk about applying to dental school, what it is like being a dental student, and introductory information on the dental field as a whole. 

Today's RDH

This podcast is about the dental hygienist career. The target audience is students, but it also applies to experts who wish to sharpen their knowledge. Run by actual dental hygienists!

The Survival Guide for Orthodontists

Hosted by Dr. Leon Kempler (orthodonist) and Amy Epstein (COO of People & Practice), this is a podcast about all things orthodontia, covering marketing, new technologies, and what life is like as an orthodontist running one's own business.

Voices from the Bench

This podcast is dedicated to dental laboratory technicians, where the hosts (who work in dental company management) host professional laboratory technicians every week. This covers what these technicians do and how their jobs can vary by practice.

Optometry Podcasts

Keepin' It O.D. - The Pre-Optometry Show

A podcast for pre-optometry students and undergrads who are optometry-curious. Dr. Karin Girgis (O.D) focusses on how to get into optometry school, while the show's guests give their own tips and resources to help enrich the education of pre-optometry students.

JAMA Ophthalmology Author Interviews

The Journal of the American Medical Association publishes this podcast where they interview ophthalmologists about their recently-published articles in their journals. Covers the cutting edge and science of ophthalmology!

Try Not to Blink

Try Not to Blink is hosted by two optometrists, and in their podcast they cover what it is actually like to be a practicing optometrist. This includes topics like pros and cons, but also tips and tricks for the trade.

Vision Tech

Hosted by Dr. Fayiz Maghoub, this podcasts covers the latest in optometry technology

Rehabilitation Therapy Podcasts

Spill The OT

This podcasts covers the ups and downs of rehabilitation therapies (such as speech and physical therapy), but has its greatest emphasis on occupational therapy. This is run by an occupational therapist, and related specialties are represented by guest speakers.

Conversations in Speech Pathology

Host Jeff Stepen (SLP) interviews professionals, parents, and other related people all about their experiences in speech therapy

Pain Reframed Podcast

This podcast, hosted by two physical therapists, run a podcast on physical therapy, but specifically how to best handle pain management in their patients.

PT Inquest Podcast

A podcast that explores the intersection of science and physical therapy, discussing research and why treatments are used.

Veterinary Podcasts

Vet School Unleashed

Host Dr. Seth Williams covers topics related to veterinary school, covering topics such as how to get in, what to do once you get there, and what being a veterinarian means.

Blunt Dissection Podcast

Host Dr. Dave Nicol runs an interviewing podcasts, bringing in experts from the field to share their stories and advice for the veterinary careers.

Veterinary Viewfinder Podcast

Dr. Ernie Ward's podcast has him feature fellow experts as they discuss various issues concerning veterinary medicine and their profession as a whole.

Reptile Room Confessions

A podcast run by exotic vets about working with reptiles and other unusual pets.

Other Specialty Podcasts

Real Life Pharmacology

A podcast aimed at pharmacology students and those that are interested. This podcast is interested in talking about pharmacology in practice, as it is often quite different from the way it is taught in school. Every episode is a close-up look on a medication found in pharmacology and important things to understand about them.

Behind the Knife

Behind the Knife is a surgery podcast whose target audience covers undergraduates to those already employed in the field. The show is hosted by five people who are all surgeons, but have different specialties. Behind the Knife covers general surgery, but also surgery by type (such as burn injuries, pediatrics, oncology) and by body part (heart, liver). General topics like technique and skills are also covered.

Inside Pediatrics

This podcast is a free monthly podcast hosted by experts in the field from the University of Alabama and Children's of Alabama hospital. It does not speak directly to undergrad students, but the podcast does cover a variety of topics in pediatrics including child wellness, research, treatment, and newly-published article commentaries on the subject.

NSGC Podcast

Run by the National Society of Genetics Counselors (NSGC), this podcast is centered around genetics counseling. New issues are still being made, and they have the goal of raising awareness of the profession as well as granting better access to the public of the service. They cover topics such as policy, education, and all things related to the study of human genetics.