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BIO 4330 Evolutionary Mechanisms


Full Assignment:
You will choose a taxon or topic of interest to yourself and will spend the quarter investigating the evolutionary history of this taxon/topic.  You will need to find 5 papers from refereed scientific journals related to the evolution of this topic over the course of the quarter.  Every week you will turn in a one-page summary of one of the articles that is substantially different than the abstract (submitted as well in the form of a photocopy of the first page of the article) and shows that you have reflected on the paper you have read. The best summaries are specific and illustrate how the paper has influenced your thinking on your chosen topic. For starters, consider a single paragraph summary and a single paragraph of reflection; edit well and do not go over a page in length.  Each written summary will be worth 20 points; please see Canvas for an example and specific formatting instructions.  As part of the writing process you will also submit an outline and will meet with me to go over an early (but not first!) draft of your paper.  At the end of the quarter, you will present to the class an oral summary of your results and turn in a written paper that includes a thesis and supporting arguments.  The final version will be worth 100 points; you will resubmit your graded outline as well as the notes from our discussion with your final paper.  It is expected that you will have at least 10 primary literature sources cited in your final draft. You are welcome to cite your textbook or other secondary sources in your introduction or conclusion; these will not count towards your 10 primary literature sources.

Library Component:
10 primary literature sources of which at least 5 are from refereed (peer reviewed) scientific journals

Resources to Help Select a Topic