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BIO 4330 Evolutionary Mechanisms


Major Research Paper:
You will choose a taxon or topic of interest to yourself and will spend the quarter investigating the evolutionary history
of this taxon/topic. As part of the writing process you will submit a series of assignments that help you build an argument about your topic. This includes a concept map and an outline. . . . At the end of the quarter, you will create a video which teaches your classmates about your findings, and turn in a written paper that includes a thesis and supporting arguments. The final version of the written paper will be worth 100 points; you must submit your graded concept map, outline, and the draft and notes from our discussion with your final paper. It is expected that you will have at least 10 primary literature sources cited in your final draft. You are welcome to cite your textbook or other secondary sources in your introduction or conclusion; these will not count towards your 10 primary literature sources.

Library Component:
10 primary literature sources of which at least 5 are from refereed (peer reviewed) scientific journals
 - also, all the supporting evidence to need to help make your claim

Resources to Help Select a Topic

BEAM Method

The BEAM Method, developed by Joseph Bizup is a way of thinking about how sources (evidence) are used in the papers you read and in your own paper as you write.  Using BEAM can help you know if you have found the best sources (for each section of your paper) to make the case for your topic.