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BIO 3000 Introduction to Biological Anthropology

Starting Points

Core Biological Anthropology Journals

Biology Databases at SPU

Interlibrary Loan

If we do not subscribe to a journal — and you cannot find free full text using Google Scholar —  try requesting an Interlibrary Loan (ILL).  We will find a library that subscribes to the journal and ask them to scan and send a copy.  ILL's can arrive in as little as 24 hours, although it is a good idea to give at least 4 business days for articles to arrive.  When the article arrives you will receive an email with download instructions.

Request an Interlibrary Loan

Area Libraries

If you haven't left time to request your articles through Interlibrary Loan, plan a trip over to the University of Washington.  If you go into their libraries in person, you may request wi-fi access, which will allow you access to many of their online resources.  You can search their catalog before going to see if they have the full text you need.

BEAM Method

The BEAM Method, developed by Joseph Bizup is a way of thinking about how sources (evidence) are used in the papers you read and in your own paper as you write.  Using BEAM can help you know if you have found the best sources (for each section of your paper) to make the case for your topic.