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UCOR 2000: Drozdova

Course Assignment


  • Choose one of these religions/ traditions:
    • Buddhism                    Christianity                 Confucianism                Hinduism
    • Islam                           Judaism                      Sikhism                         Zoroastrianism
  • Research the following:
    • Main tenets & beliefs
    • Origins; time & place
    • Current number & location of followers
    • Sacred texts (if any)
    • Key individuals (if any)
    • Main splits or branches (if any)
    • Something unique and interesting about how people practice
    • Comments on direct connection(s) to specific class content or theme
  • Required sources
    • at least three academic (peer-reviewed) sources
      • course textbook (may be one)
      • academic journal articles or scholarly books (other two) – use the SPU library!
      • other appropriate sources
    • cite your sources

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