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TRE 3340: Acting III: Styles: Get Started & Assignment

Your Assignment

Theater Masks

Be sure to read your syllabus carefully so that you know what the assignment requirements are and ask questions!

Basics of the assignment:

Prepare a dynamic presentation about your chosen style.  Include one class handout.  Include video examples of given style.  Explain elements of the style, actor requirements for actor success, and required actor training for said style. Choose from:  Greek, Flamenco, Theatre of Cruelty, Theatre of the Oppressed, Chinese Opera, Butoh, Mnouchkine/Theatre du Soleil, Cirque, Javanese/Balinese Dance, Absurdism, and Griot.

Start Here!

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre and PerformanceThe Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre and Performance

Start with the online version of The Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre and Performance.

Once connected, scroll down and use the search box on the left that says, "Search within work" to get accessible results just from this source.