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THEO 6751 Methodist History (Doug Strong)


Click on a given image for the full text (in progress).

Allen, Richard, 1760-1831

No scan of the original 1833 edition as yet online, so go here or (for a printing of 1880) here:

Apess, William, 1798-1839

Douglass, Frederick, 1818-1895

Elaw, Zilpha, approximately 1790-

Foote, Julia A. J., 1823-1900

Kim, Hwal-lan, 1899-1970 [(Hwallan, Helen, etc.)]

Lee, Jarena, 1783-

Loguen, Jermain Wesley

Niles, Daniel Thambyrajah

No full-text online:

Parks, Rosa, 1913-2005

No full-text online:

Ramabai Sarasvati, 1858-1922

No edition of 1907, but click on the photograph for the full text of a 1946 Australian reprint:

Ray, L. P., Mrs., 1859-

No full-text as yet, but there is this edition online.  Also, SPU owns a copy, and there are others in Summit:

Rodríguez, José Policarpio, 1829-1914

Smith, Amanda, 1837-1915