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MUS 4238: Psychology of Music

Choosing a Topic

When picking a topic, choose something that is interesting to you. Maybe look at something that you have always had an interest in, but never studied closely before. Another strategy is to choose something that you have a personal connection to.


Be flexible in the beginning. As you start your research, you may come across ideas that change your thinking and alter the course of your paper.


Ask yourself:

What do I already know? What do I want to find out? Where do I look for information and evidence?


Try this exercise from John Bean's book. "Engaging Ideas"

Before reading my paper, my readers will think this way about my topic ______________________.

After reading my paper, my readers will think this different way about my topic_________________.

Immerse Yourself!

Delve into some books about the psychology of music to get inspired! Print books can be requested for Contactless Pickup.