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Special Collections Exhibit 2013: List

An exhibit prepared for the Fourth Joint Meeting of the Wesleyan Theological Society and the Society of Pentecostal Studies, Seattle Pacific University, 21-23 March 2013.

Subject Librarian

Wesleyan, Wesleyan Holiness, and Free Methodist Collection

The Wesleyan, Wesleyan Holiness, and Free Methodist Collection at Seattle Pacific University collects, preserves, and makes available documents relating to John Wesley and the Wesleyan and Holiness traditions with a special emphasis on Free Methodism, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. This collection seeks to fulfill the mission of the University Library by giving support to its distinctive Free Methodist heritage.


  1. Certain sermons or homilies appointed to be read in churches, in the time of Queen Elizabeth of famous memory:  and now thought fit to be reprinted by authority from the Kings most excellent majesty.  London:  T.R. for Samuel Mearne . . . and for Robert Pawlet, 1676.
  2. Wesley, Samuel.  Poems on several occasions.  2nd ed., with additions.  Cambridge:  J. Bentham, . . . . for J. Brotherton . . . and S. Birt . . . , 1743.
  3. Wesley, John, A.M.  Thoughts upon slavery.  4th ed.  Dublin:  W. Whitestone, 1775.
  4. The Arminian magazine for the year 1784, consisting of extracts and original treatises on universal redemption.  Volume VII.  London:  J. Paramore.
  5. Wesley, John.  A short account of the life and death of the Rev. John Fletcher.  London:  J. Paramore, 1786.
  6. Whitehead, John.  A discourse delivered at the New Chapel in the City-Road, on the ninth of March 1791, at the Funeral of the late Rev. Mr. John Wesley.  4th edition.  London:  G. Paramore, 1791.
  7. Newton, John.  Letter to John Campbell dated 2 September 1793, Southampton (original autograph).  On display courtesy of Adrienne Meier of the University Archives.
  8. Treffry, R. (Richard, Sr.).  Remarks on Mr. Moore’s Strictures on Christian perfection.  Falmouth:  James Trathan, 1816.
  9. The Methodist magazine for the year of our Lord 1822.  Volume V.  New York:  N. Bangs and T. Mason, for the Methodist Episcopal Church.
  10. Garrett, Philip.  A digest of the Minutes of the Methodist Conferences, from the first, held in London, by the late Rev. John Wesley, A.M. in the year 1744, to the year 1826.  Halifax, England:  Thomas Walker, 1827.
  11. Palmer, Phoebe.  The way of holiness, with notes by the way; being a narrative of religious experience resulting from a determination to be a Bible Christian.  4th ed.  New York:  G. Lane & C. B. Tippett, 1846.
  12. Hymns for the use of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  Revised edition.  New York:  Carlton & Porter, 1849.
  13. The earnest Christian:  devoted to the promotion of experimental and practical piety 1 (1860).  Buffalo, NY:  Benjamin T. Roberts.
  14. Palmer, Walter C.  Life and letters of Leonidas L. Hamline, D.D., late one of the bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church. . . .  New York:  Carlton & Porter, 1866.
  15. Levington, John, Rev.  Power with God and with men.  Philadelphia:  Methodist Book Room, 1868.
  16. Mahan, Asa.  The baptism of the Holy Ghost.  Louisville, KY; Greenville, TX:  Pickett Publishing Co., 1870.
  17. Conable, F. W. History of the Genesee Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, from its organization by Bishops Asbury and M’Kendree in 1810, to the year 1872. . . . New York:  Nelson & Phillips, 1876.
  18. Smith, Jennie.  Valley of Baca:  a record of suffering and triumph.  Philadelphia:  Garrigues Brothers, 1876.
  19. Minutes of the annual conferences of the Free Methodist Church 1891.  Annual Conference record, combined number.  Chicago, IL:  1891.
  20. The hymn book of the Free Methodist Church.  Chicago:  Free Methodist Pub. House, 1896 [1883].
  21. Missionary tidings, and Children’s number of the Missionary tidings 1 (1897)-4 (1900).  Chicago:  Free Methodist Publishing House for the Woman's Foreign Missionary Fellowship International of the Free Methodist Church.
  22. Reality:  an illustrated monthly magazine of spiritual, scriptural and experimental truth speaking of the presence and acts of the Holy Spirit in the world 2 (1898).  Los Angeles:  Reality Publishing Company.
  23. The Free Methodist 39 (1906).  Chicago:  Free Methodist Publishing House.
  24. Shelhamer, E. E.  Popular and radical holiness contrasted.  “True Light” series no. 34 (First Quarter, 1907).  Atlanta:  “The Repairer”, 1906.
  25. Free Methodist hymnal.  Published by authority of the General Conference of the Free Methodist Church of North America.  Chicago:  The Free Methodist Publishing House, 1910.
  26. Twenty-first annual catalogue of the Seattle Seminary, Seattle, Washington, 1912-13.  Seattle, WA:  Bull Bros., Just Printers, 1912.
  27. Ray, Emma J.  Twice sold, twice ransomed.  Chicago:  The Free Methodist Publishing House, 1926.
  28. Cagle, Mary Lee Cagle.  Life and work of Mary Lee Cagle.   Kansas City, MO:  Nazarene Publishing House, 1928.
  29. Yardy, Jessie.  Aadarsá Khristi Grihajivana.  Pune, India: Jivani Vacana Sah̄ityal̄aȳa, 1966.