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BUS 6170 Information Systems Management

Assignment #1

IS Journal Review

Review a recent (2020 or 2021) Information Systems publication/journal. 

  • Describe the publication, target audience, type of articles, and cite in APA (1 paragraph).
  • Summarize and analyze one paper in that publication (1 paragraph).
  • Describe the benefit and application a CIO could get from reading this paper (2 paragraphs).

Assignment #2

Ethical, Legal Position Paper of ~800 words

  • Memo to the president of an organization 
  • Propose and justify a policy to address an ethical IT/IS issue
    • ethical/Christian perspective
    • legal perspective
  • Include at least 3 references to examples/cases you have found using library resources or the web 
    • articles
    • news
    • current examples