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THEO 3331 Women in Christianity (Smythe)

To find articles on the woman you've been assigned, apply the tips outlined under books to the ATLA Religion Database and maybe also one or more of the other theology databases listed here.  For example, "Gertrude the Great" in the NA Subject Name Personal (or just SU Subject) field:

Or "Margaret Fell" in the Keyword (Select a Field (optional)) field, but NOT "Fell, Margaret" in the NA Subject Name Personal field (which returns not an article but a book with "Margaret Fell" in the Table of Contents but not "Fell, Margaret" in the Subject field (the more important of the two searches by far)):

To procure the articles thus identified, see the [Full Text] Check for Full Text SPU Catalog Request via InterLibrary Loan links shown above, or go to Finding the Full Text.