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PSY 4105 Adv. Research Methods: Personality and Preferences: Find Tests & Measures

Why tests and measures?

Your research project calls for identifying "a research question that could be tested."  For the final paper, you'll need to "test a specified number of participants."

How will you know what to use to test your hypothesis?  

Using tests and measures already created can give you a  place to get started.  Many can be reused for educational and research purposes.  

Where else could I look?

Still can't find information about your test/measure?

  • Search SPU Primo (measure may be in an appendix)
  • Search the internet under the specific scale title
  • Consult SPU Psychology faculty

Databases of Tests and Measures

Use these databases to find information about a test or measure, such as reliability, validity, how it has been used, and occasionally the instrument itself.

  • Search PsycINFO...
    • by topic (e.g. vocation)
      • search for your topic, then view Tests & Measures limiter on the left of the search results
    • by measure title or acronym (e.g. “calling and vocation questionnaire”)
      • TM Tests and Measures field: locates all mentions of the instrument in Tests and Measures field (broad); use keyword “appended” to see if full-text is included
      • Select a Field: searches within Title, Translated Title, Classification Codes, Abstract, Keyword, Subjects, and Author (broad)
      • SU Subjects/DE Subjects: locates articles about measure as a topic (narrow)

Watch the tutorial below for an example of searching for tests and measures in PsycINFO (4:06)

Books for Evaluating Tests and Measures

This is not a comprehensive list of resources available online or on the Index Tables (Library Main Level). See this list for more titles.