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WRI 1100: Hansen

Special Website Collections

Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley was first published in 1818 and is a very well-known book at the center of a large body of scholarly literature that has developed over the past 200 years. Accordingly there are many, many books and articles analyzing Frankenstein and Shelley. The previous tabs on this online course guide provided guidance on how to find some of these books and articles. However, because of the popularity of Frankenstein, especially in college courses, several specific websites have been developed to collect and curate the vast amounts of scholarship.


The JSTOR Understanding Series for Frankenstein; or. The Modern Prometheus In this credible, scholarly resource, the entire text of the novel is connected, passage by passage, to articles and book chapters of relevance. If you have trouble accessing any of the linked sources, please reach out to me.


Pennsylvania Electronic Edition of Frankenstein An early digital humanities project, this site from a professor and his assistants at the University of Pennsylvania, consists of two texts of the novel plus a large number of scholarly articles. See especially the section called, "Critical Commentary."


Romantic Circles edition of Frankenstein This scholarly website provides an online text of the novel with supporting materials and many helpful links for further information and scholarship (under related resources on the side)