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PSY 4106 Adv. Research Methods: Developmental Psychology: Find Tests & Measures

Why tests and measures?

Your empirical research project calls for a research proposal, which will include specific methodology of how you would gather data.

How would you know what to use to test your hypothesis?  

Using tests and measures already created can give you a  place to get started.  Many can be reused for educational and research purposes. 

Where else could I look?

Still can't find information about your test/measure?

  • Search SPU Primo (measure may be in an appendix)
  • Search the internet under the specific scale title
  • Consult SPU Psychology faculty

Databases of Tests and Measures

Use these databases to find information about a test or measure, such as reliability, validity, how it has been used, and occasionally the instrument itself.

  • Search PsycINFO...
    • by topic (e.g. vocation)
      • search for your topic, then view Tests & Measures limiter on the left of the search results
    • by measure title or acronym (e.g. “calling and vocation questionnaire”)
      • TM Tests and Measures field: locates all mentions of the instrument in Tests and Measures field (broad); use keyword “appended” to see if full-text is included
      • Select a Field: searches within Title, Translated Title, Classification Codes, Abstract, Keyword, Subjects, and Author (broad)
      • SU Subjects/DE Subjects: locates articles about measure as a topic (narrow)

Watch the tutorial below for an example of searching for tests and measures in PsycINFO (4:06)

Books for Evaluating Tests and Measures

This is not a comprehensive list of resources available online or on the Index Tables (Library Main Level). See this list for more titles.